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What is V-Block Technology?

V-Block Technology was developed in Şişecam Science Technology and Design Center and it provides 24/7 ultra-hygiene with its special formulation and application technique. The coating is applied on the glassware at high temperatures during production. V-Block Technology offers a non-leaching and permanent antimicrobial glass surface which is safe to touch by preventing the microorganisms to grow on the glass surface.

How does V-Block Technology work?

It creates a special catalytic surface which is unsuitable for the growth of microorganisms thanks to our unique production technology which establishes strong chemical bonds between the glass substrate and the deposited coating. It provides 24/7 ultra-hygiene.

Where is V-Block Technology used?

As well as its household use V-Block products are ideal for places with high risk of transmission and cross contamination such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and dining halls.

Is V-Block coated glassware suitable for food contact?

V-Block products are food contact safe. V-Block coating is applied to the outer surfaces of the glasses and does not target potential microorganisms in food and drink. This product is not a disinfectant and it needs to be washed properly after each use. Food contact tests of the product have been carried out and food compatibility tests have been successfully completed. Relevant test reports are available at www.pasabahce.com.

Will V-Block coated glassware be damaged when washed?

No, it is not. Antimicrobial activity is only limited to the contact surface and the active components do not come off when touched and repeatedly washed. They remain on the glass for the life of the glassware. Like all glassware, washing is recommended after each use.

What is the lifetime of V-Block coated glassware?

Antimicrobial activity lasts during life time of the glassware, that is until the product gets cloudy on the surface.

Is V-Block coated glassware dishwasher safe?

V-Block products are dishwasher safe. In addition, it is also scratch resistant.

Is V-Block Technology environment-friendly?

All our processes are carried out from raw material to final product in line with our sustainability strategy ‘Care for Next’. For this reason, V-Block coated glassware with antimicrobial properties, as well as providing ultra-hygiene, is environmentally friendly. The special coating chemistry does not disrupt the conventional glass recycling process and V-block product range can be safely disposed of as ordinary glass. V-Block Technology has been developed in accordance with sustainability principles. You may contribute to nature by choosing V-Block coated glassware instead of disposable items.