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A special coating technology developed by Şişecam scientists helps to prevent growth of microorganisms on glass surfaces, comes to life with Paşabahçe. Paşabahçe glassware products with V-Block Technology provide ultra hygiene for those who want to protect their loved ones. Thanks to its special formula and unique application technique, V- Block Technology provides 24/7 hygiene. Glassware products engineered with V-Block Technology are going to help the fight against the global epidemic.
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We are proud to introduce Aware Collection our first glassware collection made from 100% recycled* glass. Following Şişecam’s Care For Next sustainability initiative, we do our best to provide a better planet for future generations. Inspired by the color of the Bosphorus Turquoise, Aware Collection brings, aesthetics and style together with our passion to create eco-friendly products. Glass material that’s been used to make this collection was used at least once before, then collected and reused. This removes the need to use new raw materials, reduces carbon footprint thus protects the environment.

*Maximum 5% amount of virgin raw material might be used for glass furnace conditioning purposes only.

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